How to Create Awesome Video Content for Social Media Campaign?

How to Create Awesome Video Content for Social Media Campaign

Working on creating paid social media campaigns? Have you included video content in your paid social media campaign workflow?

If not, what are you doing then? Videos have the highest success rate and are known to grab the attention of your potential audience very easily. In fact, in 2020, 96% of consumers increased their consumption of watching online videos, as found in a recent survey study by Wyzowl.

This indicates that consumers are more interested in watching video content from their favorite brands. Also, in the latest 2021 Wyzwol survey for video marketing, it was observed that videos bring a higher return on investment. 78% of marketers found that video increased their overall sales whereas 84% of marketers found that it was easier to generate leads with video marketing.

These numbers make it a strong case for you to produce video content for your paid social media campaigns. Your audience is begging to see more video content, make sure to give it to them!

At Enso Media Labs, we assist our clients in developing fantastic video content for social media campaigns. Here are a few tips from our professional team that will certainly help you in creating impressive video content.

  • Decide the goal

Now, maybe your team has an idea for a “funny video”. We mean who doesn’t! But does it help you achieve your goal? If you haven’t decided on what goal you want to achieve with your video content, your social media campaign is bound to fail.

Hence, you need to determine what your goal is with the video content. Do you want to spread brand awareness? Do you want to give educational information to your customers? Do you want to work on increasing your revenue? Your goal will direct your video idea and production.

  • Stick with the goal

Once you have decided what goal you want to achieve with your video content, stick with it. Don’t deviate in the video. For example, you want to create a video that helps you boost your sales. You want to focus on the fact that you use organic raw materials to make your product.

When you create a video, focus only on highlighting the use of organic raw materials. The video will have a 6 to 60 seconds duration. Focusing on other features will only waste your crucial video time. Once you have focused on one theme, get a call-to-action button in your video prompting the viewer to take an action. Call to action buttons can include, “Visit Website”, “Buy now”, “Get more info”.

  • Hook the viewer in the first three seconds

In any video, the first three seconds are the deciding factor. These 3 seconds will determine whether the viewer will watch the full video ad or will skip it. Hence, you need to hook your audience in these first 3 seconds by providing an exciting hook.

A hook can be defined as something that is interesting and happens in the initial few seconds of the video. For example, you can give your viewers a surprise offer or promise them a story, and more.

  • Make the video according to the platform

Each social media platform has a different format for video content. On one hand, you can have longer videos on Facebook, short-form videos are what work on TikTok. Hence, you always need to consider the platform and video format acceptable to create great video content.

  • Bring variety

When you are creating video content for a social media campaign, make sure to bring variety. This variety can come in terms of video theme, format, length, and quality.

To give a more personalized touch, you can shoot some videos on your iPhone whereas for a more professional look, create videos with high production value.

For content variety, you can have videos such as product reviews, unboxing videos, product feature videos, and more. Also, the length can vary based on the platform you are choosing.

We Can Help!

At Enso Media Labs, our professional and experienced team will assist you in creating awesome video content for your brand. We especially work with small businesses and connect them with the right resources to develop video content that will work.

Connect with us now to know more.

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