How to Optimize Organic and Paid Social Media Advertising? 

How to Optimize Organic and Paid Social Media Advertising_ _Website

Social media marketing has become the lifeline of several businesses to reach a wider audience. And if you are not already on-board social media marketing, you must do it now!

No matter what your personal opinion is about social media, your business certainly needs it! And trust us when we say this that your business and potential audience will thank you.

Why is social media marketing crucial these days?

The answer is quite simple. Many consumers use social media to search for a brand, check out the authenticity of the claims made by your brand, and find more information before committing. Hence, social media marketing is an important business function.

Now, there are numerous strategies and ways to start social media marketing. But on a broader level, you need to know organic advertising vs paid advertising. Also, having good knowledge of tips to improve organic and paid advertising will help you in the long run.

So, at Enso Media Labs, we decided to give you a brief about the same, hoping that this will help you to give your business a great brand presence.

Organic Social Media Advertising

So, let’s take an example to understand organic social media advertising. So, you want to sell your house. Hence you go ahead, repair your house, and improve the overall appearance of your house.

Now, you want buyers to know that you have an awesome house that is worth their money and time. You want to create awareness amongst your potential buyers so that they can get to know you as a seller and your house. Hence, you simply list your house on your local listing website.

This is what organic social media advertising looks like. You will use social media to create awareness amongst your target audience. You want them to know that you have a business that provides awesome products and services. You are not actively looking for customers, instead, you are just making them aware of your business.

Hence, you can’t neglect organic advertising as it will help you come into the spotlight amongst your audience. And this is how you can optimize your organic social media advertising campaign.

  • Don’t neglect your community

The social media community is the one who will drive your brand awareness fast forward. So, don’t neglect them, instead engage with them. Answer their questions, reply to their comments, and DMs. Use built-in tools such as auto-reply and welcome message. Keep your social media community engaged.

  • Collaborate with content creators

Organic social media advertising also includes collaborating with content creators. This will immediately give your brand more authenticity as the reviews are coming from a third party. Content creators can work on ideas such as how-to videos, unboxing experience, tutorial styles, and more.

With such user-generated content, organic advertising becomes easy thus increasing your brand awareness.

Paid Social Media Advertising

On the other end of social media marketing is paid social media advertising where you can expect to get revenue and conversions.

As per the previous example of wanting to sell your house, in paid social advertising, you will be actively looking for buyers and want to make a sale. And so, you will connect with the right network of people and promote your house on sale offer aggressively.

Similarly, for your business, you are now looking to find customers and increase your conversion rates. You are specific about targeting your audience, putting more marketing budget, testing different ideas, and optimizing your campaign. With paid advertising, you are looking to get measurable results for your business. And this is how you can optimize your paid social media advertising.

  • Use UGC

This is similar to collaborating with content creators but here you should collaborate with your audience. You can include different materials such as reviews, testimonials, stories from audiences on how your business services have changed their lives or an aspect of it!

  • Whitelisting

Use the accounts of your content creators to run your business ads from their account using the content they have developed for your brand. This is certainly for advanced marketers and hence you might need professional assistance to achieve the goal.


Whether organic advertising or paid advertising, in both cases, you will heavily rely on your social media community that you build one day at a time.

And you will need a balance of both to build a striking brand image in the market. And at Enso Media Labs, we will provide you the much-needed assistance to achieve a balance of both. We are a leading paid advertising agency that has worked with small businesses and helped them create an awesome brand presence.

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