Instagram Marketing: Four Tips You Should Know

Instagram Marketing_ Four Tips You Should Know!

Instagram has drastically changed the way businesses use social media to promote their products and services. And they are winning at it. With almost a billion active users on the platform, it makes it easier for businesses to reach their potential audience. Therefore, any e-commerce business has a greater chance of boosting its lead generation and sales.

In this blog post, let’s go through a brief overview of how Instagram has changed the shopping experience for users. And let’s check out four tips for an efficient Instagram marketing

Shopping Experiences: How Instagram Has Changed It?

Instagram introduced the “Instagram Shop” tab for users to easily find any products and services they are looking for. According to recent statistics, more than 130 million people are clicking on the Instagram shopping posts of different brands. So, any business that wants to implement a social media strategy must include Instagram as a potential source to get lead conversions too.

The biggest benefit of using Instagram for social media marketing is the extremely streamlined process offered by the platform. From clicking on the shopping post to buying and payment checkout, the user doesn’t have to leave the app. And that’s what makes the social media platform an attractive option for marketing.

4 Instagram Marketing Tips to Know

1. Boost Organic Traffic with High-quality content

You can certainly pay for ads on Instagram, but the social media platform offers several other ways to create content that will boost your organic traffic. You can tag your products in photos, videos, stories, reels, and create a virtual storefront. This will make your business visible to users thus bringing in organic traffic.

2. Giveaways

You might think giving away free stuff will not bring you much revenue. However, you are mistaken! Giving away free stuff especially during occasions such as the holiday season will bring more traction and attention to your brand.

Start your giveaway with something smaller and then move further. Usually, a user needs to like the post, maybe follow your account, tag a friend or reshare your post. This will get your brand recognized thus bringing more customers.

3. Paid Ads

There is no denying that paid ads have always worked and will always be the best way to promote your products on social media. However, to make the most out of paid ads, you need to be creative. You need to implement different strategies, test out a few combinations and that’s how they will work.

You might be afraid to get into paid ads thinking that you will lose money. However, with the right strategies, you can get higher traffic and sales.

4. Influencer Marketing

Instagram has several influencers who have a massive following. This means if the influencer trusts a brand and its products, it is more likely that the followers will buy the same brand. And that’s how you can leverage influencer marketing for your business. So, don’t hesitate from using Influencer marketing for your brand. And we at Enso Media Labs will make sure that you can use social media to its fullest potential to market your products and services.

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