Top 5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for This Christmas Season

Top 5 Social Media Campaign Ideas for This Christmas Season_Website

It’s the season of giving! Thus, the season of buying amazing gifts for your family and friends.

And what does this mean for your business? An amazing opportunity to market your products and service that helps you create a long-lasting brand presence. The best way to exploit this fantastic opportunity is by creating a social media marketing campaign.

No matter which business category you come under, you will certainly have something to offer to your target audience this Christmas.

At Enso Media Labs, we want to give you the top 5 social media campaign ideas that will surely work this Christmas. Our team of digital marketers is always ready to share some insights with you.

1. Classic Christmas countdown

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. Several families have special plans for this day. Some travel to their homes. So, everyone is really excited about the day.

Hence, create a classic Christmas countdown to keep your audience up to date with any new product launches for the holiday season, offers, discounts, and sales. There are different ways to create a Christmas countdown and the more creative you get, the better results you will get overtime.

Post these Christmas countdowns on your social media accounts as posts or stories.

2. Influencer collaboration

Reach maximum target audience by collaborating with influencers and celebrities on social media. Influencer marketing has grown over the past few years. In fact, 71% of Instagram users say that their shopping decisions are influenced by their favorite influencer promoting a certain brand or product.

So, influencer marketing during the Christmas season is a sure-shot winner! Just ensure that you choose the right content creator, clarify your goals, choose the right media platform along with demographics.

3. Organize a Christmas giveaway

Now, if you thought giveaways are only meant for brand awareness, you are in for a surprise!

Giveaways are a great way to generate more leads. Here’s how! Giveaways will help you attract the attention of your target audience towards your brand. It will not only bring in your existing customers but also new customers.

For example, you are giving away some freebies to your customers. You can ask your current followers to tag their friends in the giveaway posts. This will result in creating leads.

4. Offer Christmas recipes

Now, this strategy is specifically meant for individuals and brands that offer products related to food items. For example, a chef, food products brand, food blogger, and such.

During Christmas, people will call their family and friends for lunch or dinner. They will be looking for new recipes that are easy to make and help them create a great impression as hosts. So, make sure you offer innovative and delicious recipes to your audience.

5. Organize festive photo contest

Christmas is the best occasion to involve your target audience and increase engagement and interaction with them. Organize a creative and festive photo contest.

Ask your audience to share their best festive photographs and the winner will get what you decide to offer. The only thing you need to ensure is that your photo contest aligns with your goals.

What do you want to achieve with this photo contest? Brand awareness? Social media community building? Or generate a UGC library? Once you decide your goals, create a contest that aligns with them.

Final Takeaway

Christmas is the most amazing season of the year. And a great opportunity for your brand to outshine others. Our team of digital marketers at Enso Media Labs believes that you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned while promoting your brand.

And hence making the most out of this holiday season will be a gamechanger for you! For more assistance and ideas on the same, get in touch with us at Enso Media Labs now.

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