Top Tips to Optimize Social Media Benchmarking for Your Business

Top Tips to Optimize Social Media Benchmarking for Your Business _Website

Have you been doing social media marketing for quite some time now? Do you know if your social media marketing strategy for your business is working and effective or not? That’s why you need to measure social media performance for your business.

This will give you a good look at whether your strategy is working. If it is, well, good for you! However, if not, it is time to make some massive changes.

But do you know what it truly means to measure your social media performance? For example, you might think since your social media post is getting 100 likes, it is working. However, have you thought about the context of this high performance of the post? Whether it is a good number or not?

Enter “Social Media Benchmarking”!

Benchmarking your social media will help you compare numbers with industry-standard statistics. You will get to know how your business is performing in comparison to your competitors.

Just imagine, you have been doing social media marketing for a few months, getting high numbers yet don’t seem to move ahead of your competitors. You will be disappointed! To avoid this and enhance your social media performance, make sure you benchmark your social media posts.

At Enso Media Labs, we constantly work to make your social media performance top-notch and help you move ahead of your competitors. Here’s a quick rundown on how you can get started with social media benchmarking.

  • Determine the “Why”

Before you even start benchmarking, you need to determine the “Why”. To get more specific, you need to determine your goals and needs for social media benchmarking.

Do you want to just create brand awareness? Do you want to get new customers and increase your sales? Do you want to retain your existing customers long-term? And more such questions will help you determine your needs and goals of benchmarking.

With benchmarking you will learn what type of content and posts resonate with your potential audience. And how these posts do in comparison to your comparison.

  • Narrow down your social media platforms

Now, just like any other business, you might be implementing a social media marketing strategy on multiple platforms. However, for effective benchmarking, you need to narrow down the social media platforms that have a greater number of your target audience.

You can also choose the platforms where your strategy doesn’t seem to work. Do this only when you are thinking of expanding.

And lastly don’t forget to include platforms where your competitors are getting the most traction. This will help you understand how your competitors are implementing their social media strategies. What you can learn from them and improve your strategy.

  • Benchmark metrics you want to measure

You need to determine and narrow down the benchmark metrics you want to measure. The most popular social media benchmark that social media marketers measure is engagement per post. They also keep a keen eye on the number of likes, views, shares, comments, and follower growth.

The most important thing is to use benchmark metrics that are more relevant to your business and social media marketing.

  • Get correct benchmarking tools

There are several enhanced benchmarking tools available on the market. Most importantly, you should choose a benchmarking tool that allows analyzing competitor and historical data for better performance.

However, if you feel like these tools are complicated, you can always get in touch with us at Enso Media Labs. We will analyze your social media benchmarking performance using high-end tools.

  • Convert the data into actions

Finally, when you have the benchmarking data, turn them into actions. For example, you find that posting one video in 15 days isn’t working for your brand, you might want to change the strategy. Now, you might want to experiment with 1 video every week.

At Enso Media Labs

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