Two-Step Approach to Market Your Brand This Holiday Season

Two-Step Approach to Market Your Brand This Holiday Season

The holiday season has already begun! With Halloween just wrapping up, there are other upcoming holidays too. We still have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas holidays coming up. This means people are still willing to buy presents and gifts for themselves, friends, and families.

And this is a golden opportunity for businesses to promote their products and services to increase their conversion rates. One of the things that every business must remember is online purchases will drastically increase over time. People love the way things arrive in the comfort of their homes. No hassle of going to the stores, spending hours on end to find nothing!

With online purchases, customers can just sit back, relax and get the things delivered right to the doorstep. And hence, there is increased competition amongst brands to be visible to their customers. Therefore, as a business, whether small, medium, or large, you need to get out the right marketing message in the market.

The message must be simple, beneficial, and emotional that captivates the attention of your potential audience. And instead of spending hours on end to devise a strategy, here’s a quick two-step process that will bring you results in the holiday season.

Step 1: Rely on User Generated Content

Now, before we tell you how this can be beneficial for your business, let’s first understand what user-generated content is.

User-generated content contains texts, images, videos, reels created by the user of the product. The user can be influencers, celebrities, or anybody who uses a certain product. As compared to traditional content, user-generated content is more powerful. Instead of businesses, consumers are making content for consumers.

Using influencers to generate branding content allows you to connect with a massive following and make you more “human”. And you don’t have to stick to one marketing idea with content creators. You can work on multiple channels such as photos, posts, videos, reels, product haul reviews, giveaways, and more.

Step 2: Using Whitelisting Methods

Once you have generated user content, it is time to promote the content using whitelisting methods. If you don’t know what the whitelisting method is, here is a brief explanation.

Whitelisting methods include using the social media account of the influencer to promote the content. This can include giveaways or sponsored Instagram posts. You can work with multiple influencers to create giveaways and sponsored content. This will increase your reach during this holiday season.

Although you should have started a bit early to promote your brand, it is still not so late. You can get in touch with us at Enso Media Labs.

We have a creative team at your disposal to develop the finest marketing strategy that will surely work for your business this holiday season. Contact us now to know more.

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