Why Should You Care About Marketing Your Brand to Gen Z?

Marketing Your Brand to Gen Z

“Gen Z” is a popular term that you might have heard around in the market. Every business is striving to grab the attention of Gen Z. But who are Gen Z and how can you make sure that your brand reaches them? And why is it important that you target Gen Z effectively now more than ever?

To explain in brief, Gen Z includes anyone who is born between 1995 and 2010. And you will be surprised to know that there are up to 3 billion Gen Z people around the world which is almost 35% of the global population.

Whoa! That’s a huge number!

And it is a huge chunk of the global population that is actively involved in buying different products and services. Gen Z is estimated to have a spending power of almost $143 billion. They are highly responsible for influencing the consumer decisions and the effect can be seen large-scale.

So, yes you should market your brand to GenZ. But how do you do that? Well, for starters, forget your traditional marketing tactics. They won’t really work on GenZ. Looking closely at GenZ, one thing’s for sure that they care more about Activism, Communication, and Influencers. So, when you create content to market your brand to GenZ, make sure to include these elements.

Now, what kind of content will Gen Z respond to? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Mobile-first content

    While you are creating Gen Z influencer marketing content, make sure it is mobile-first. This will help you make a good first impression on them.

    After all, Gen Z is living their life through their mobile phones. So, if they are seeing your content, there is a high chance they are viewing it from their mobile phones.

  • Visual content

    Gen Z responds well to eye-catching visual content. They are sharing videos, graphics, memes at an exponential rate. Get involved in making visual content that resonates with the generation.

  • Humorous content

    Out with boring advertisements and in with humorous content that is even on the stranger side. Gen Z has developed a great sense of humor and tends to appreciate humor that is on the darker side. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with your content.

    Just stay away from anything that might come out as racist, sexist, or homophobic or make your brand look prejudiced.

  • Honest content

    Gen Z doesn’t appreciate infomercial kinds of advertisements or marketing campaigns. They tend to connect with more real and honest content. For example, an influencer or celebrity promoting a brand.

    Although they know that the influencer or celebrity is paid yet they believe them more as they are vouching for high-quality products.

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